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Oh yeah, we have a Facebook page.

I don’t think I ever posted here that I started a Facebook page for The Spiral Dance a few months back. I use it to post interesting articles or news about which I don’t have time to write fully fleshed out posts. Hence, it is updated much more frequently than the blog.

There have been some good conversations there so far. I invite you to check it out!



Tangible Harm? This is so Much Bigger Than One Tweet About Quvenzhané Wallis

I am pretty sure I rolled my eyes when I heard that Seth MacFarlane was hosting the Oscars. I don’t “get” Family Guy. Not even the Star Wars episodes. When Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did an amazing job at the Golden Globes, the prospect of MacFarlane hosting the Oscars seemed like an even worse choice. Rather than watch alone, my partner and I made a few dishes named after cheesy movie title puns and had a few friends over. As a result, I pretty much stayed offline much of Sunday. MacFarlane was predictably awful, but watching was made better by doing so with friends.

I signed on to Twitter this morning and it turns out that MacFarlane wasn’t the worst thing about the Oscars this year. Instead, the worst thing has been the media’s treatment of Quvenzhané Wallis. Where to begin?

Well, this rundown of the situation by Arturo García at Racialicious is a pretty good background primer.

As others have pointed out, white child actresses have never been subjected to this kind of treatment. The tweet from The Onion was reprehensible. After the apology, as people continued to discuss the incident, the following appeared in my tweet stream:



Infographic | Women Who Tech

Infographic | Women Who Tech.

A friend shared this with me on Facebook and I think some of the numbers are quite interesting.

It is very focused on Engineering, Computer Science, and Entrepreneurial endeavors. I would be interested in seeing what the numbers look like for women in arts and technology and digital design as I think these are important sectors that are somewhat neglected when we talk about women in STEM. Perhaps it is because these other areas already have substantial female participation? Either way, we should be careful to not devalue these areas as well. For example, other than entrepreneurs, these numbers don’t really represent the number of amazing women we have in our Emerging Media and Communication programs at UTD.

re-blog: The Digital (Gender) Divide: Women Are More Likely Than Men to Have a Blog (and a Facebook Profile) – Megan Garber – Technology – The Atlantic

The Digital (Gender) Divide: Women Are More Likely Than Men to Have a Blog (and a Facebook Profile) – Megan Garber – Technology – The Atlantic.

Megan Garber relates Nielsen findings that suggest women spend more time online than men.

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