"Though both are bound in the spiral dance, I would rather be a cyborg than a goddess." – Donna Haraway

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CFP of Interest: SLSA: Gendering the Posthuman

Once again addressing the A in SLSA:

Gendering the Posthuman
This session invites submissions from art historians, curators and artists who
examine relationships between art, gender and technology from the 1960s to
present-day. Cold War fascination with the possibilities of new
technologies inspired influential critic and curator Jack Burnham in 1968 to call for a new
posthuman paradigm for art, characterized by a synthesis of the
technological and biological. The relationships between individual identity and technology
were later addressed by feminist artists in the early 1970s, who embraced new
technologies, such as video, as tools capable of facilitating social progress
and gender equity, but who also criticized domestic and military technologies
as tools of patriarchal domination. In the 1980s, scientist Donna Haraway hailed
the internet as an anonymous space where women might adopt alternate identities
and perhaps shape the gender politics of an emerging cyber-frontier. Her
utopianism was challenged by feminist critiques of the internet leveled by
artists in the 1990s, many of whom also targeted technologies affecting
women’s reproduction and the environment. Has recent art, including film, installation,
net art and performance,adequately addressed issues of gender in an
increasingly post-human present? Have new technologies in the art-making process yielded
greater gender equality, or replicated cultural inequality? How have the
intersections between gender and technology changed, if at all, over the past
40 years? Is a feminist critique of technology still viable or even relevant???

Due May 2, 2011 (more…)

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